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louie the lover! [04 Aug 2008|05:04pm]

hey guys,

i lurk here rather frequently, but i am not into posting all that much. i figured that i would today, though, since my horse is very much on my mind right now!

3 years ago, my partner announced that she wanted to buy property that would have acreage, so i could make my dream of owning a horse come true. this started a frantic search for the "perfect first horse!"

at the time, i was significantly overweight (i'd struggled with obesity my entire life)...probably about 230 pounds at the time, but i read that a horse can safely carry 20-30% of its own weight.

after seeing several horses, one little sorrel captured my heart. you see, for me, it's not about looks, it's not about performance. i am just your average girl who likes to be in the presence of a horse, who finds the smell of horse sweat, leather and shavings nothing short of entrancing...and the most i do is bum around or trail ride. nothing fancy. this boy had soulful eyes that just reached in and stole my soul. he was one of those horses that just LOVED being loved on. he'll stand there all day for kisses and strokes along his nose. he's just that kind of horse. i rode him a few times and we seemed compatible.

i was told he was 12, an ex barrel racer. his name had previously been "speedy, " but his owner, a young college student, renamed him, "louie." she was selling him because her interests had changed to her new car and to boys. louie had a bad skin infection when i first met him and he was also about 150 pounds underweight. he lived with another horse...a large bully named, "legs." the girls would feed both horses in their stalls, but leave the stall doors open. so, legs would scarf down his food and then chase louie out of his stall and eat his too!

i had a vet come out and do a pre-purchase exam. louie passed reasonably well. some minor soundess issues were noted, x-rays were taken (but came up clean)...etc. i expressed to my vet that my primary concern was my weight and he told me for what i was planning to do...bum around and occasionally trail ride, he'd be a perfect first horse. he told me he estimated louie's age to be 14.

my partner then realized there was no way we could afford "horse property" in our area and i had to do full board. i live in palm beach county,florida...very close to wellington (which i am sure most of you have heard of or probably even been to!) so, land is limited her and board is extremely outrageous...we are talking like $700-$1200 for full board. so almost ALL of my income goes directly to my horse!

when i had louie's teeth floated by an extremely well-known and respected equine dentist/veterinarian, the doctor asked me how old i thought the horse was...i said, 15 or 16? he looked at me with a shocked expression on his face and said, "no. i don't think so." i asked him how old he thought louie was and he said rather quietly, "i don't want to tell you." i said, "what? like 20?" he said..."yeah, i guess you can say that." when i heard this i was heartbroken...i thought, oh my goodness, i may only have this guy in my life for a few years! but, i've come to peace with the fact that he is older.

louie has a lip tattoo that is barely readable. i've tried researching it with AQHA, but the numbers I could guess at didn't match any horse in their database. it is not in the format of a thoroughbred tattoo or a standardbred. i wish i could track it down because it would be nice to know his real "breed" and "history" and "age." but, really no matter who he is, what he is or how old he is...i will still love him.

i stopped riding louie for the most part because unfortunately, my weight began to climb drastically. at my highest weight, i topped the scales at 295 pounds! i simply did not feel it was fair to ask him to carry my weight. my saddle was a 19 inch western saddle. riding was a real production...especially mounting and dismounting. in august 2007, i had weight loss surgery. it was a difficult decision to come by and not one easily made. i had gotten to the point where i could no longer walk due to incredible pain from heel spurs. i had to ride in an electric scooter at grocery stores because i could no longer walk up and down the aisles. i had a surgery that is still considered "investigational." it's called a "vertical sleeve gastrectomy." basically, i have 80% of my stomach removed...and i am left with a 3 ounce capacity. the remaining stomach is in the shape of a banana and about the size of a cigar. i had a very difficult recovery. i was nauseous and SICK for 3 months straight. i barely, if ever, saw my horse during that time. i was hospitalized 3 times for dehydration and naseau.

i have since lost 169 pounds...and i now weight 126 pounds. the comfort and well-being of my 20'something horse has really helped to spur me into action. now i can ride him without feeling guilty. we both enjoy our rides more. i feel stronger, more confident and more capable on his back. our relationship is constantly blossoming even more!

here are some pics of us!Collapse )
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RoomMate Wanted. [09 May 2008|10:22pm]

Gainesville, Florida. SWF seeks M or F trustworthy, honest, conscientious roommate to share rent and responsibilities on small horse farm. Located 15 miles from downtown gainesville, 15-20 minutes from most major sites including the Univ. of FL Campus. Rent $825 per month - includes electric/water/utilities, rent for you/1-2 horses(pasture/stall), dsl/phone. Does not include horse feed/hay. Arena, jumps, large tack room, round pen coming. Negotiable for the right person. Not good at making up these things, so please contact me via email for more details if you are interested. darkmaya at gmail dot com.
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[28 Feb 2007|07:02pm]

[ mood | determined ]

This place seems pretty dead, but I'll try my luck.

I'm looking to move my horse to a new barn, and I wanted to know if any of you knew of any good barns (by either experience, or you know someone there) in the Brooksville/Spring Hill area. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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MMC Designs has updated! [06 Dec 2006|03:35pm]

mmc_dfk (MMC Designs,) has updated with Art and retroflective halters for sale! Check out the cut for a preview, and then head on over! :)


Teaser...Collapse )
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[22 Jul 2006|06:56pm]

Hey guys. I'm new here, never posted, but once I actually have something exciting to say about my "horsey life" I'll let you know =D

I have something for sale. Something probably no one wants, but I figured I could try this before I resort to ebay.

I have brand new (still in the package) 160cm (60in) BROWN (not caramel) stirrup leathers. I got them to go with my new saddle like a year ago, but I have the Wintec Close Contact, which is caramel (they called it "brown" so I was misguided.) so they don't match. I paid about $40 for them, but I hoped I could get atleast $25-30 for them. If you're interested, please let me know and we can work something out.

I can also post pictures if you'd like.

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Schooling Shows [06 Jul 2006|03:54pm]

Does anybody know of schooling shows in Florida over July or August. I'm really looking for a dressage show, but I'd like to take jules in the hunter hack as well.

I've checked with the USDF recognized shows, but not so many :(
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Horse Property for Sale in NE Florida [21 Jun 2006|12:45pm]

Hi all - I'm advertising for a friend of mine. I'll include her phone number but feel free to comment here with questions and I can do my best to answer if you have any :)

13 Acres in NorthEast FL, 15 Minutes North of Jacksonville, 25 Mins from Jax Equestrian Center
2 BR 2 Bath House, 2 Large Fenced Pastures, 2 Paddocks, Round Pen, 8 Stall Barn, 2 Stall "Quarantine"/Temporary Barn, 2 Cement Washracks, Foaling Stall, Tack Room, etc.

Asking Price (I think) $390,000. Contact Lisa Sommese (904) 879 - 0272 for more information. :)

Photographs, (two)Collapse )
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Budweiser Invitational 2006 [03 Apr 2006|02:46pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I attended the event (held yearly in Tampa) Saturday evening and for those that don't know, Rodrigo Pessoa took away 1st place with two amazing rides. His style in the first round was gorgeous, so much so he won the style award for that night (I believe that was what it was called). The course was particularly difficult, a few riders had as many as 24 faults and only 4 riders made it to the jumpoff with a clear round.

Final Event Standings

He looked so fluid on his horse I don't remember seeing such a beautiful ride at that event in the past few years. If you have a chance to catch the taped version on OLN I suggest you at least try to see his ride, he was further down the list of riders. Most of the exciting rides were in the latter half (riders 15-30).

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louie! [19 Mar 2006|03:12pm]

this is my first real post in any of the equine communities, but i figured i would have to start with a picture post of my 14 year QH gelding, louie. he's a pleasure/trail horse. he's my first horse and i've had him about 9 months. i've learned A LOT in 9 months. when i got him he was 200 pounds underweight, he had a really bad case of rainrot, and we later found out he had white line disease as well. fun stuff. we've had to switch barns 3 times, but we've since moved to a place where we are really happy. i've cross-posted this in a few communities and i look forward to sharing louie-stories and reading and responding to lj-posts in the future.

Click me!

The username is louiethelover
The password is louiefriends

Check out all of the pictures (there are 4 sub-albums)!!!
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Artist up for commissions [08 Feb 2006|09:14pm]

Hello everyone!
Well, unfortunately, I do not own a horse, but I have ridden and showed, so I know just enough. ^_^
My favorite breed is the Appaloosa. The Percheron is next. One day I hope to own my very own Appy. Until then, I'll draw pictures of horses to save up money.
I mostly do them in charcoal, and they end up being pretty big. I can do graphite and pen & ink, too.
If anyone is interested in commissions, simply email me. ^_^ I love horses, and I love drawing them.
Behind the cut:
Some of my work!Collapse )
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Dressage Lessons Anyone? [20 Dec 2005|09:56am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I am fairly new to the Central Florida area. Currently I don't have my own horse, but a friend of mine is letting me work with her 2 mares. I have discovered that being out of the saddle for nearly 5 years has taken its toll on me. I suck!!!

The highest I ever rode in the past was Training Level, and while I always wanted to try eventing, the most I was able to do at the time were combined tests. Since I don't really know anybody around here, I was hoping someone could give me some suggestions. Or if you are the suggestion, let me know. I live in Lakeland, and the mares I am training are in Hudson. While taking lessons on the horse I am riding would be nice, I am willing to take them on somebody elses horse too. I literally need somebody to whip me back into shape!

Thank you!

x-posted in Dressage

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[08 Dec 2005|07:27pm]

Ya'll should join equestrianeq. It's a great community. You have to fill out a thing but It's great fun. I hope this is ok to do.
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[12 Nov 2005|12:32pm]

Feeling in love with my horse...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I find that when I am sad, my ever faithful SueBoy is always someone to turn to. For a horse, he really is one of my closest friends. I've been neglecting him lately.. if he had an lj his entry would be similar to my last one I'm sure. There's something about a horse that a lot of people don't understand. They are honest and true, they are huge and gentle, they have a natural instinct to "run" or escape what they do not know and do not understand. But, despite their flight instinct they are capable of love and trust beyond what most other animals. To a horse anything can kill them, anything can get them, so when they bond to a human it's a remarkable thing. Horses are patient, tolerant creatures with a soul deeper than any person. They have a heritage and a past that is darker, deeper and more painful than any other creature. But with all their fears, and all their strengths, and all their weakness, they are willing to take a person, to carry them, to love them, to trust them, and even to protect them. Man has done horrible things to the horse, and still people take them forgranted, they use them as a social status, an image, a money earner, I don't care about any of that... I am grateful to have such a devoted companion and if we never make anything of ourselves, if no one in that world ever knows we exist..we are bigger than anything when we are together... Sue is not perfect, I've been made fun of over him, and told that he should be put down or I should sell him, he's blind, he can't see shit, but I forget that all the time. He carries me on trusting wings, and I direct him and he never has and never will be misguided by me.
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Rescued 6 yo TB Gelding [24 Oct 2005|01:31pm]

Hi I posted yesterday about the rescue stuff I do and another horse I have for sale. Anyway my boyfriend and I have been talking for a while about the possibilities for our rescued TB gelding. Before yesterday I was unaware of the resources I had through live journal within the horse industry. To get to the point, we want to give frank away to a permanent and capable home. If you know anyone in the state of Florida who would be interested in him please forward his story to them and have them contact me via telephone (link on site) http://www.rockabillyrebelhorses.com UNDER RESCUES

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[23 Oct 2005|09:09pm]

Hi, I'm new to the community. I live in Central Florida and own a few horses. I do thoroughbred rescue but can only handle one rescue at a time. That is a passion I have, the most recent horse I rescued my boyfriend and I went as far as paying 1,250 for him just to get him into our possession so we could help him. At 17hh he was only about 800 pounds when we got him. He is great now and I am offering him for adoption. I also have my own personal horse "Sue Boy" who I love to peices. I'm really excited about this community and hope it stays active!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me & sue boy

Info on my rescue I have for adoption
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Horsey Items for Sale. [20 Oct 2005|01:32am]

I have a few items for sale. Im getting kicked out of my parents house, sort of, so any help would be greatly appreciated :D ehehe. Thanks!

17.5 Collegiate Senior Event Eventer Saddle

Barely Used Korsteele Flex 4 3/4 Stirrups with Super-Grip II Stirrup Pads

Thanks for reading, hopefully posting more stuff later :)
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[07 Oct 2005|10:52am]

For Sale -

5A Baker Seat Covers for front bucket seats of a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I just bought a new Jeep, and the seats are different so these don't fit anymore :(

They are in excellent condition.  The seat parts are slightly discolored from sun exposure, but other than that, they are perfect.  No rips, tears and the elastic is still in great shape.

The seat back cover has an opening in the back for the pocket that's on the back of the front seat and it also has an opening on the side for the power seat controls.

Please check out the PICSCollapse )
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A Tour of Faraway Farm [19 Sep 2005|01:26am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I realized something today while i was at the barn. I've never given a proper introduction to anyone about all the horses at my barn, all of my children! I don't care if they aren't all mine I take care of them everyday so they are my kids regardless :D I'll give a short bio and a few pictures on each!

Anyway, Onto the Ponies:

the horses of faraway farm (picture heavy :))Collapse )

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Mane Pulling Woes [14 Sep 2005|02:39am]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, I need some advice from all of you - professional or otherwise...!

There are all kinds of wonder products on the market. Thinning Shears, The Oster Scissor-Cut-Mane Comb things, a razor blade, old clipper blade thinning..everything else...And I've heard all kinds of rumors about how thinning shears make the mane thicker, and how the oster mane comb scissor thing only works on horses with thin manes...

HERE IS MY PROBLEM!@!@ :( Show season is almost upon us, and my QH Dusty has the thickest mane in existence. We're talking Andalusian + Friesian + Morgan Hair put together on this little QH, complete with two cowlicks and complete indecision on which side it wants to stay on no matter what I do to it.

Mane pulling is a serious issue for us, it literally takes about 2 weeks and my fingers end up being completely bloody and blistered because I use my fingers because the combs just dont work that well because its so thick! Someone commented before to me about using vetwrap around the fingers..I tried to do this, but I found while it helped with that it made the process longer, if that is even possible.

Does ANYONE have any ideas, any rebuttals to these rumors ive heard about razors, thinning shears, anything to help? Im at a loss. I almost want to grow his mane out and french braid it but he's a QH and I can't get away with that :<

Thanks in advance!
(x posted some)

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A colorbar... [30 Aug 2005|02:19pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Horses are Wild Love
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